3 weather forecast websites that can predict powder days

You know how annoying that is when you plan a ski day trip without considering the weather and end up soaked and trapped in a cabin in Whistler? Yeah? We know! That’s why we always check the weather forecast before roadtrippin’ and so should you! According to our friends and family, these are the top 3 most accurate websites for weather forecast:

  1. Weather Information

       If you’re a true Vancouverite and you want to check the weather for a ski trip, you gotta do it the right way: Through Canadian government’s weather forecast website. Because who can predict Canada better than Canada?


  1. the f***ing weather

        the f***ing weather is a personal favorite and that’s why it’s on this list. The f***ing weather is my to go weather forecast because it cuts the s*** and gives it to you the worst news as it is. Plus, it’s super minimalistic and simple.


  1. snow-forecast

        the forecast everyone who skies swears by, snow forecast is the known to be the most accurate weather forecast for resorts all around the world. Their website also has tons of daily articles on snow and winter sports.