What options do you offer for my kids?

It depends on your child. We have rear child seats (Topeak) that fit kids under 48 lbs/21kg, or chariot (Burley Bee) that fit kids under 100lbs/45kg. We also have kids bikes for almost any size, as well as Trail-A-Bikes which act as tandem bicycles for an adult + kid.

Can I book in advance?

Unfortunately, no. For groups under 10, we will almost always have plenty of options. You may drop in at any time for you and your group!

Can I rent on behalf of someone else?

Absolutely. You may register for the rental yourself and have someone else use the bicycle. You will still be responsible and you need to have an idea of their height, build and ride preference.

Do I need to tell you how long I would like to rent?

Nope, it is pay-as-you-go. Once you are registered, you may keep the bikes for as long you would like before we close.

What is required to rent a bicycle?

All we require is a phone number, your name, as well as a credit card. The credit card will not be used as payment initially. It will act as a security deposit for the bicycles while you are gone. Upon your return, you can pay cash, debit, Visa, or Mastercard.

I am really short/tall. Do you have a bike for me?

Yeah! We havet tiny adult bikes, huge kids bikes, huge adult bikes, tiny kids bikes. We also have everything in between.

Do you rent for a longer duration than a couple of days?

You are more than welcome to rent for a longer period of time. However, we currently do not offer a crazy good deal for long-term rental other than our current rates.