In the market for a sweet gig?

We offer positions as:

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Bike Guide Tour: More info
  • Promotion & Marketing
  • Bicycle Mechanic & Tech


Our philosophy is to create a fun environment for our employees so they can pass it onto our customers. We encourage our staff to go out on rides, learn about bicycles, learn about our great city and to even hit the slopes when the time is right. We believe you need to be happy and excited every day. How do we create that? By offering the same experience we offer our customers. Visit our instagram page for a preview!



We encourage our staff to partake in activities to boost their excitement for what we have to offer. We offer flexible hours and offer above-standard wages. We also offer bonuses because we understand (like any job really!) things can get busy sometimes.

Learning Experience

You get a chance to learn! 9/10 of our employees did not know what a bike stem was! By now, they build their own bikes, wax their own skis, and are craftsman.


We are a tourist attraction, therefore we highly appreciate people that speak a different language. This creates a very diverse team full of stories and experiences. So far, we have people from Brazil, Mexico, France, Iran, Canada, Egypt, Croatia, Philippines, Japan, Germany, Austria, United States, Columbia, Slovakia and Belarus.