Best Bike Rental Shop in Vancouver

Yes Cycle makes it Easy, Fun, and Very affordable to ride all around the city of Vancouver.

  • EASY: All bikes are at the same rate per person.
  • FLEXIBLE: You will Pay-As-You-Go, so no need to decide up front how long you wish to rent your bike for.
  • WIDE CHOICE: We offer a wide range of bicycles for all ages and levels.

Bike Rental Rates

yes cycle pricing

yes cycle tandem pricing

Bike Rental Rates

$8 per hour (Every extra hour gets dropped by $1)
Maximum of $36 per day

Overnight Bike Rental

Extra fee of $15 to keep your bike Overnight

No Booking required, Visit us at Yes Cycle:

687 Denman Street Location
1351 Burrard Street Location

E-Bike Rental Rates

Customer Service

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Personalized Service

Bike rental Personalized service

Yes Cycle believes in pairing the right bike to the right person. Many of our competitors charge different rates for different bikes, but you don’t have to worry about that with us. Only one price and you can choose any of our bikes. All bikes have gears too! Who wants a slow single speed?!

Helmets, locks and maps are provided free of charge with any bike rental. We also provide basket on request- no extra charge. Your security and comfort are our priorities. We want you to enjoy the best of your bike rental experience in Vancouver.



All bikes are the same rate per person, and are Pay-As-You-Go, so no need to decide up front how long you wish to rent your bike for. If you return in 1:15 hours, then you pay only for 1:15 hours, we do not believe in rounding up unless it is cheaper for you.

The longer you are out, the cheaper per hour your bike rental is.

If you decide to keep your bike overnight, you will need to notify us prior to keeping it.