This year our team at Yes Cycle and Ski decided to write down a few resolutions to keep in mind through 2018.

  • Improve People Skills We’ve received great feedback from our clients on our customer service and staff but there’s always room for improvement and we just really want to be the best!

  • Make Service a Priority Yes Cycle & Ski’s team are doing their best to put their entire focus on SERVICE and keeping up with clients needs at every situation.

  • Talk to Customers Seriously someone should stop us from talking to the customers because that’s all we do! Any question you have, just ask and we’ll find an answer for it!

  • Get Everyone Involved It’s almost magical how our team members work with each other, we didn’t plan it but we asked for it and the results were mind blowing! Our tiny team of only 15 people has over six nationalities and races and they all work together like a machine!

  • Make it Easy for Customers to Offer Feedback Did we do something wrong? Tell us. Do you have an idea on how to make our service more pleasant? Tell us. You think we’re cool and our taste of music rocks? Please tell us!

And because we love our customers,

Everyone can get 10% off all ski services from Yes Cycle & Ski this January if you book equipments from the link below!

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